lördag 26 juni 2010

15 år senare...

En seriös och nyanserad analys av "120 days of Simon".

Läs här!

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  1. Interesting review. Since I have just been drinking, I can afford to be honest. Lets start from the begining...

    "Simon Gärdenfors is an asshole. That is not to say I don’t envy him. He has recognized and embraced (like Toby Young and Tucker Max) the fact that being an asshole extravagantly, publicly, and in a confessional mode can get you laid, make you money, and most importantly create around you that aura of low-level notoriety increasingly necessary to survival in the current age. The 120 Days of Simon—Gärdenfors’ third long-form comic, but the first to be published in English translation (by Top Shelf, who Isaac persuaded to send me a review copy)—stands as both record of Gärdenfors’ life as a minor celebrity and fulltime mooch, and as a principle mechanism by which he can continue to be so"

    Well, if everybody knows the secret of making money as an asshole, I guess we would all be millonaires by now. While he does have a point, that you have gained a certain kind of
    " notoriety",I do not think that your character was particularly more of an asshole than most men are. The only difference between you and most men is the fact that you were HONEST about your actions. If more people would say the truth about their feelings, then we would all be assholes.

    "Moreover, as fun as some of it seems, there is something slightly depressing about that fastidiousness with which he draws and itemizes every wild thing he does, aware the whole time that it is material for the comic"

    Well, if your main aim was to record the events of a journey, shouldnt one be fastidous about it? After all, that was the reason for the journey wasn't it? His point here, makes no sense. Why should it be depressing? Of course EVERY wild stuff has to be
    "itemized" that was the whole point. I think he just wanted to use the words "slightly depressing"...there is a nice ring there...

    "While Hemon aims his rant squarely at the laziness of writers and publishers who create books merely as fodder for Hollywood, his claim that the “significance of Wagner's scribbling is that it is exactly what you end up with if publishing and fiction writing become a pursuit of cheap hipness and movie rights,” might just as well apply to Gärdenfors’ comic if you substitute “minor celebrity” for “movie rights” (or not).

    I definitely do not think that your book rewarded you with some sort of "cheap hipness". What the hell does that mean anyway? Is there any kind of "expensive" hipness? As for "minor celebrity"...Whatever.

    However, I do agree with him about the part of your journey being pretty standard stuff for a European (the sex and drugs). To me, they were expected. I have no idea whats considered "scandalous"...I was expecting some kinky orgies or something...

    While there are many people that can travel around a country, not many would be able to document their experiences or be so honest about them either. I dont think thats cheap at all. I think its brave and different. And thats why people read 120 days of Simon. When I recommend your books to friends, I say "Read it. Its interesting and different".

    I am sure I have missed some of the points I wanted to make, but this should do.