måndag 26 juli 2010

The Comics Journal

"a breezy but enjoyable read."... The Comics Journal skriver om TopShelfs svenska invasion och jag får en positiv recension. Det verkar vara många amerikanska recensenter som antingen gillar "Hey Princess" och ogillar "The 120 Days of Simon", och tvärtom.

läs här.

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  1. Nice review although...Americans tend to irritate me when they just think they can form words anyhow...

    "Or perhaps his behavior is frequently so loutish that to do more than simply present it would be inexcusable"

    There is no fucking word like "loutish"...a "lout" is a noun. A person can be a lout. He can not be "loutish".

    Sorry, that just irritates me when people talk like that "see you around "sixish" etc...very annoying...

    Yeah, but its a nice review. I have seen worse.