onsdag 18 augusti 2010


Ur dagens Aftonblad.

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  1. Intersting thought but..I don't even get what this means...sex in the city... in the country side, without sex.

    So what happens then? Trendy people walking in the fields? going from garage to garage drinking beer? and nothing ever happens?

    Sometime in the late 97,(I think) I was in a village in Hungary. All the young people just used to wear sports wear (designer stuff, adidas, Nike, etc..you could not wear that Italian one, cos that was cheaper, can't remember the name now) that would cost their whole month's salary. There was really nothing to do there, so they would wear their new clothes and just hang around, going from place to place. Those that had scooters could at least drive around a bit, but the main thing was going shopping for these sports stuff and watching "VIVA"(german music channel. It was fascinating. I still don't get what they all did during the day time. I think there was perhaps some "breakdancing"...I am not sure but I used to see them doing moves in the "disco"...ha ha ha

    Your quote made me think of that village...